In preparing for the upcoming 2022 summer camp season, we will continue to evaluate protocols in mitigating risk of the spread of COVID-19. This will be done while allowing campers to have a safe and positive camp experience. Eden Hill will continue to rely heavily on outdoor activity for all campers. Being able to have camp on the acreage of Berkshire Country Day School provides the camp to spread out and limit access to indoor spaces. The following protocols are the highlights of our plan in order to operate safe, healthy, and fun camp environment for campers, their respective families and staff. We do have a Registered Nurse full time who will be the lead on all questions regarding illness.



*Please note, the plan below is from summer of 2021.  Once we receive the updated 2022 camp guidance from the Department of Public Health, we will develop our new COVID-19 safety plan to reflect any updates.*

Screening Campers Upon Arrival, Enhanced Social Distance Sign-In

Arrival and sign-in to summer camp will be performed at the entrance of the gymnasium. Please note, unlike prior years, parents/guardians will not be allowed into the gymnasium. Staff members wearing a mask and maintaining social distance will happily greet the arriving camper and walk to the appropriate location. A camper screener will be provided to all parents/guardians for them to use on their child to decide whether or not he/she is cleared to come to camp. We request that adults dropping off for camp to be wearing masks and socially distance on the long walk-way leading to the gymnasium.

Screening Staff Upon Arrival

During this time, it is important that employees do not report to work while they are ill and/or experiencing the following symptoms: fever, cough, body aches, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Employees will be self-screening daily prior to the start of their shift and prior to entering the building. Any employee who exhibits any of the symptoms provided by the CDC (posted in the entry of the gymnasium) will not be permitted to work and will be sent home. The screener tool will be provided to every employee.

Pick-up procedures – Enhanced Social Distancing

At pick up time, beginning at 3:00 p.m., all campers will be at their assigned location. Campers will pick up their personal belongings to take home with them each day. Parents/guardians will be instructed to wait in their car until their child is walked to them. This will aide in our enhanced social distancing effort. We request that adults picking up for camp to be wearing masks.

Safety Actions During Camp Activities

In the event we are notified of any Covid positive cases within our camp community, the group the positive case is in will be notified and further instructions will be given depending on the situation.  We will be working closely with the town’s public health nurse and the Board of Health in following the state’s day camp guidance.

Please note our collective goal is to provide your child for a safe, fun and memorable experience while in our care. We are committed to giving them the most fun that each child deserves. It’s been a tough year for all and we couldn’t be happier to welcome back familiar faces and meet new ones.


Richard Lenfest,
Owner of Eden Hill Summer Day Camp

Please note, this plan is subject to change as the state may update camp guidance. CLICK HERE to see the minimum requirements set forth by the state of Massachusetts we used to create our safety plan.